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Open Academy of Compelementary

first special training center

and open Academy of Medicine has taken a supplementary legal track as the first private center for training in the field of medicine complementary and alternative medicine in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the opening of an office in the Kingdom of Morocco and the Republic of Syria and the State of Kuwait and the State of Iraq and Saudi Arabia

Academy and going thanks to God in the development of standards for medicine and complementary medicine practitioners supplementary
And we ask God to all of our efforts are purely for Allah’s sake

pioneers of Complementary Medicine

Within the framework of the World Health Organization’s strategy for the year 2002 to 2007 in the field of complementary medicine and recommended that there should be training centers for the training of doctors and therapists from non-academically trained doctors in the field of complementary medicine

The idea of the establishment of the first Academy open in the Arab world for Complementary Medicine to preserve the authentic Arab Medical Representative in the Arab countries of the Gulf to the Maghreb was open academic administration for Complementary Medicine has taken upon itself the task of rationing Arabic medicine and preparation therapists and re-composition configuration scientifically

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