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Distance e-learning

Distance e-learning

student record data Age name, address, phone work session to be eligible to subscribe to the email then send your Academy email oatm.net@hotmail.com

or through the Open Academy for Complementary Medicine Scientific Office in the Arab countries are advertised in the Academy’s website

After the data registeration

Send courses are fee by converting funds on behalf of Western Union Company :
Mahmoud Ahmed Hamed Abdulhamid Sharawy
Cairo , Egypt

No conversion is sent to your e-mail Academy oatm.net@hotmail.com

Send curriculum is a DVD cylinders by lectures and visual memo printed on your e-Baldarc within three days

After sending the curriculum determines the student to the same school for at least three days and no more than 25يوم

After course completion certificate is sent to the student the title of certified Open Academy supplementary and external medicine Egyptian embassy of the country

Price Session of the non-Egyptians wishing to study about 350 US dollars after a comprehensive curriculum and CDs and e-visits twice for Curriculum and again to testify

For a brochure for academic courses and the definition of each approach of the curriculum and the registration form and subscription Academy and channel Baluotjub and Facebook you can download the following file from this link Next

the brochure for academic courses