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Complementary Medicine

It is a holistic medicine that addresses both the body and the soul

Nature Medicine and is based on extracts of nature does not depend on chemicals

It is self-healing, which allows the body of the chance of recovery from within

Medicine is a variant of the basics of Western medicine

Medicine is a manual that says that the healing power in the hand

Medicine is recommended by the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him

Old modern medicine is renewed every day

It is based on scientific evidence Medicine

Medicine is treated as a human person it is not just a machine

Medicine is an integral whole and for a better life for human beings

Medicine does not know is the word hopeless or impossible word

His motto what Allah revealed Daoua only make him medicine

Aim to improve people’s lives

Hope that a world without disease

It is a therapeutic roads Group

Is therapeutic methods group that deals with the patient as a whole and not only with pathological symptoms, which are not treated in the resort to chemical drugs that resorted to rolling medicine. Vatab alternative is to other treatment methods, which make their way at an accelerated pace in today’s world.

Why this development in the resort for most people Tdwi complementary medicine?

The first question that comes to the mind of any person, especially if it is not plagued by a disease, is why people turn today to these therapeutic methods and therapeutic method claim in circulation and in every corner of the world? . Is that a successful alternative medicine in the treatment of the deficit by rolling medicine? Are there other reasons?

The answer is yes! Alternative medicine is has been successful in the treatment of many medical conditions prepared by rolling medicine (and his people) by virtue of hopeless. Also succeeded in the treatment of many medical conditions and prevent injury to the patient again Kmaihsal with rolling medicine in treatment of many diseases, as it heals the patient and then returning symptoms of the disease after a period of time it may not be considered so long associated with its predecessor.

The basic idea

doctors and therapists alternative medicine treatment that not be a success if you do not deal with the patient as a whole thought. Clearer words, is not a cure successful tries to cure the condition to deal with that part of the body that appear to be symptoms of that situation.

He who complains of asthma Aishvy giving drugs to deal with the respiratory system only. And who complain of chronic headaches for Aishvy capturing the tablets of aspirin tablets only for a period of time and then come back to him as it was a headache.

Even in the most difficult cases, such as cancer, treatment is not successful, the deal with the tumor region only. The reality shows us clearly the validity of this opinion. The cancer is possible to stop for a period of time by chemical drugs or radiation runs down and then return to activity. And even surgery resorted to as a last resort to eradicate cancer cells, they do not give a guarantee not to the emergence of cancer elsewhere, too many evidence of that.

So what is the solution into alternative medicine? Or what is the reality of the disease?

From the point of view of alternative medicine, it is often no disease but a patient man. Aside from external injuries such as fractures, for example, the human disease or does not catch the disease does not affect the effects do not show it, but if there was already an internal problem. This problem may lie in the immune system, or in the internal balance exists in the body as God created him.

Otherwise, why two people sitting in the same room and they return are infected with the flu, for example, vigorously strike one influenza infection does not affect the other.

And why an entire family eat one food poisoning Faisab some others are not infected?
  Even after the injury of two people, one cold, for example, the equal faster than the other to heal, even if it were equal in the qualities of the body, age and environment?.

On this, the doctor and the processor when the drug is given Doe or the particular massage or puts Jab (Chinese) somewhere, but trying to restore normal balance to the body with the help of the body’s ability to self-resistant diseases. If this ability is back to normal resisted disease and ruled it.

That is why you find that you do not need a cold symptoms to go away any medication. It does not need the wound even though deep, to intervene to recover. Breakage of the surgeon need only to put both ends of the fracture of the bones in Mkanhmaasahih to heal after a period of time. And many more.

This holistic view (HOLISTIC) is the cornerstone of alternative medicine and therefore is the fundamental point of difference between him and the rolling medicine.
  That complementary medicine is seen to humans as different types of objects and not a kind one.
  It is aware of complementary medicine finest art efforts of Anthropology body is divided into five layers or objects to five. You do not have a body one but five bodies and left behind the human being, what has happened in psychology has occurred in medicine dealing with a human as a body only, but of the other treatment alternative medicine treats the total body and this is analogous to the behavioral school. Treatment is alternative medicine is the total of Medicine