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Agents of Open Academy for Complementary Medicine

In Arabic countries

head office in the Arab Republic of Egypt

Alakadimiy Center for Complementary Medicine

Cairo, Nasr City 36 Hassan El Maamoun Street



المكتب الرئيسى فى جمهورية مصر العربية

representative office in the Kingdom of Morocco

For reservations for Doctors, please contact Ms. Bushra International Center for Health and Development

0667364097 – 0522525656

المكتب التمثيلى  فى  المملكة المغربية

Representative Office in the Republic of Syria

scent Center of Sports Medicine

Mrs. Rasha proof

sports medicine specialist

lecturer vital energy therapy




Ashrafieh Sehnaya side bow

المكتب التمثيلى  فى  جمهورية سوريا

representative office in Kuwait

The data is updated to the Agency

المكتب التمثيلى  بدولة الكويت

State of Iraq representative office

Professor / Mushir al-Othman Ismail

Director of the treasures of nature center herbal and natural products

The official of the Kurdish Arbil branch herbalists Association and the Center for cupping not


المكتب التمثيلى بدولة العراق

representative office in Algeria

Professor: Mourad Ben Zmamoh

Director of the Center for Physical Therapy

Algeria – Oran – Mila



المكتب التمثيلى بالجزائر

State representative office Tunisia

For reservations for doctors and medical personnel domain Tunisian Academy of Alternative Medicine



المكتب التمثيلى بدولة تونس

Sudan agent state

Agency data is updated

وكيل  دولة السودان

Agent Jordan

Ay Cultural Center

Ahussam Tayeh


وكــــــــيــــــل الاردن